Innovative subcontracting solutions

About us

Nincar is a company specialized in industrial subcontracting of mechanical parts.

We work on a global scale with worldwide-known customers and we deliver complete furniture of metal parts for the automotive industry, trucks, agricultural, construction equipment, aerospace and defense.

Our Know-how

Thanks to our teams of engineers and our contacts across the globe, we enable our clients to meet their needs but also to develop new business opportunities.

Our business sectors

Food Industry

NINCAR provides metal products for the food industry on mass market an out-of-home consumption (stainless steel bowl,  aluminium folding container, food mixer bowl...).


NINCAR is a supplier of equipment for the automotive industry. Thanks to its know-how, Nincar can provide technical solutions to meet the requirements of major cusomers in the automotive industry. Our production sites are IATF 16949 certified. Brake discs, steering knuckles, shock absorbers, pulleys, differential boxes, gearboxes, valve bodies, planet carriers...


NINCAR provides machined systems and components for the aerospace industry. We work as rank 1 and 2 with major manufacturers and our production sites have the EN9100 standard. Engine flanges, heat exchanger parts, transmission systems

Construction equipment

NINCAR supplies mechanical parts and complete systems to customers specialized in manufacturing of construction equipment, manlift, excavator... We produce parts such as shafts, wheel hub, transmissio, rings, mechanically welded parts..

Agricultural equipment

NINCAR supplies machined systems and components for the agricultural industry, in prototype and large series with parts such as carters, planet carriers, suspension arms, differential boxes, hose support, fasteners..


NINCAR supplies mechanical components and parts for the powertrains of road utility vehicles. We produce prototype and large series parts, in forge and machined foundry, stamping. Drive shaft, differential case


NINCAR provides precision machining systems and parts for the energy sector, whether for hydraulic transport (Oil & Gas), the transformation of renewable energies into electricity (wind turbines, hydraulic dams, photovoltaic panels ...) with parts such as studs, transmission shafts. We also provide reverse engineering solutions.


NINCAR provides precision machining systems and parts for the industry, for various applications in sectors as : food, robotics, special mechanical equipement, construction, lighting.. with parts such as studs, transmission shafts. We also provide reverse engineering solutions.


NINCAR supplies precision machining parts and complete components for the railway sector, for principals, contractors and tier 1 suppliers. Our processes are sheet metal working, mechanically welded parts, stamped parts..


NINCAR supplies mechanical parts and complete systems for defence market... We advocate the confidentiality of the projects lead by our customers for various defence applications for land air and sea.


NINCAR supplies mechanical components to the healthcare industry. Our ISO13485 certified production sites manufacture complex parts for rank 1 to 3 medical devices. Laser housings, turned, stamped and machined parts



It is a commercial activity whose objective is the acquisition of products from abroad but also the sale of national products internationally.
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Focus on the principle of industrial subcontracting

Industrial subcontracting consists, for a company, in entrusting another company, a "subcontractor", with the performance of one or more operations for the design, development, manufacture, implementation or maintenance of the product. 
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