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Import-export in brief

The import-export service accompanies the goods through all stages of the transport logistics chain, from packing and checking the goods in the seller's factory to unloading them at their final destination, so the buyer's factory. In addition, it supervises and manages the terms of the transaction in its entierty : the establishment of purchase and payment conditions, delivery times, the fluidity of flows, the costs involved, the choice of incoterm and customs regime.


This sector expresses a company's desire to put its first foot in the globalisation process, or if it is already present, to assert itself on the international scene by presenting ultra-competitive advantages over its rivals.


Modes of transport :

·       Maritime transport

·       Road transport

·       Air transport

·       Rail transport 


       It takes into account the stages of packing and checking, export customs, pre-carriage, loading, main transport, insurance, import customs, post-carriage and unloading at the final destination.